What is a Ticketmaster Proxy?

What is a Ticketmaster proxy?

A Ticketmaster proxy helps users hide their IP addresses, and it allows them to get past the queues and avail themselves of any number of tickets. Learn how tickets proxies work and where to find such proxies.

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What is Ticketmaster?

Ticketmaster Entertainment, Inc., a ticket sales and distribution company, is headquartered in Beverly Hills, California, and has global operations. The company merged with Live Nation in 2010 to become Live Nation Entertainment.

Ticketmaster is mainly a ticket outlet, selling US tickets for US venues through its main fulfillment centers in Pharr, Texas, and Charleston, West Virginia. Ticketmaster’s customers control their own events, while Ticketmaster merely sells tickets made available to them.

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What is a Ticketmaster proxy?

Some events for which Ticketmaster, Stubhub, or Ticketfly sell tickets are hugely popular and sell out in a matter of minutes. It is even more difficult to purchase batches of tickets. Ticketmaster proxies or ticketing proxies are available to enable people to purchase batches of tickets from Ticketmaster

The proxy will help users prevent their IP addresses from getting blocked by the company. It allows users to get past the queues and avail themselves of any number of tickets for an event. Proxies for Ticketmaster are quite expensive, but users often find the expense worthwhile.

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Why do you need a Ticketmaster proxy?

Ticketmaster is one of the biggest companies selling tickets online. Millions of customers use Ticketmaster to buy tickets for events, making it too difficult to buy tickets for any event, especially if you want to purchase batches of tickets.

Ticketmaster scalping is a practice where scalpers buy tickets by the hundreds or even thousands to sell them at higher prices to make a profit. To prevent this from happening, Ticketmaster is very good at identifying IP addresses from which this occurs and blocks these IP addresses or even total subnets from the site. 

Unfortunately, it has the side effect that it becomes challenging to purchase tickets for popular events. Using a ticket proxy is just about your only option to purchase those tickets, especially if you want a batch of tickets.

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How does a Ticketmaster proxy work?

A Ticketmaster proxy is a regular proxy server optimized to access the Ticketmaster website or similar ones. To be able to bypass the fierce IP verification from the Ticketmaster tools, these proxies are most of the time dedicated proxiesrotating backconnect proxies with residential IPs, or simply residential proxies.

Diagram showing how a Ticketmaster proxy works
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How to use a Ticketmaster proxy

When tickets for popular events go on sale on Ticketmaster, these could be sold out in a matter of minutes or even seconds. When using a Ticketmaster proxy, the first thing to do is make sure that your computer’s clock is set to absolutely the right time. Even being off by 10 or 20 seconds can make the difference between a great seat, and one way, way back, or even no ticket at all. To fix this, sync your computer’s time with the Atomic Time.

When using a Ticketmaster proxy, there are also some other things you need to do to maximize your chances of getting the best possible tickets.

  • Create your Ticketmaster account long before the time, and sign in to it before the tickets go on sale. This will ensure that you are ready to buy tickets at the exact time tickets open and don’t have to take other time-consuming steps first.
  • Don’t use your browsers Refresh button at all. Ticketmaster will pick this up, and it will almost certainly guarantee that you do not get tickets. Instead, use the search field and enter the artist/team/event name, and as soon as the tickets go on sale, click Search.

You might want to test this before the time so that you can get to the screen that says Find Tickets directly next to the event you want to attend, 1 (one) click after the time the tickets go on sale.

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How to choose and buy Ticketmaster proxies

Free proxies have had a bad reputation for a long time, and they are likely to be blacklisted by ticket sites. The same applies to shared proxies services or datacenter proxies.

A static proxy service where the IP address does not change won’t work to get multiple tickets as Ticketmaster does not allow a single user buyer multiple tickets and will block you. Even if you get many different static proxies to buy multiple tickets, it will take too much time to type in all the details, and you could still end up with only a few tickets or tickets at different places, which means you can’t sit with your friends.

The best Ticketmaster proxies (ticketing proxies) are ones that have a smart API that allows you to load all the information and click once to open multiple pages to buy tickets. If these pages are opened with the same IP, you could still get blocked, so you need a premium proxy service, private proxies, or a backconnect rotating proxy that will give you multiple proxy IP addresses to overcome this problem. Rotating proxy services change the IP address daily or even hourly.

Also, you may buy proxies (like StormProxiesSSLPrivateProxySmartproxy, or MyPrivateProxy) that are specialized for accessing Ticketmaster. However, no proxy provider or VPN can guarantee that the proxies would allow you to buy the desired tickets. That is why the money-back guarantee is limited for these types of proxies.

As the regular proxy bots are blacklisted by Ticketmaster, some scalpers use custom-made Ticketmaster bots for purchasing a large number of tickets. However, ticket bots and other ticket scalping scripts do not easily bypass the verification process during the checkout.

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Due to Ticketmaster being used by millions of users to purchase tickets for events, it may not be easy to get tickets for your favorite events, especially if it is trendy. The problem has been made worse by ticket scalpers that try to buy lots of tickets for an event to resell these for a profit.

To overcome this problem, especially if you’re looking for multiple tickets, use a Ticketmaster proxy that will prevent you from being blocked by the site and allow you to get the tickets you want before they are sold out.


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