What is a Sneaker Proxy?

People that are big on sneakers use sneaker proxies (aka shoe proxies) to make sure that they get the latest sneaker release from apparel websites such as Nike and Adidas. Sneakers websites are very restrictive and often sell new releases for a limited time, but also limit the number of limited sneakers pairs that can be purchased from one account.

What is a sneaker proxy?

A sneaker proxy is a proxy server that is used to make multiple purchases on sneaker sites. Sneaker proxies usually have residential IPs and have to be fast to fulfill their role.

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Why do you need a sneaker proxy?

Limited edition sneakers tend to sell out extremely fast and are usually restricted to one pair per account. One way to increase your chances of getting a pair, or even multiple pairs, is to try and open multiple accounts. The problem with this is that the sneaker websites know how to identify multiple accounts belonging to the same person by tracking their IP address, and if they do catch you doing this, they’ll ban you from the site.

To avoid that, sneaker proxies are used. The proxies will hide the original IP address and trick the website into thinking these requests come from different devices in different locations.

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How does a sneaker proxy work?

Sneaker proxies are most of the time implemented as HTTP proxies but optimized for accessing sneaker sites. They work as regular high anonymity proxies that have the main objective to hide the IP address of the proxy client or proxy bot (in this case).

These proxies are optimized for purchasing sneakers from Yeezy, Adidas, Nike, Supreme, Champs Sports, Footlocker, Footaction, Eastbay, and other sneaker sites.

Diagram that shows how does a sneaker proxy work
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How to use a sneaker proxy

Only using a sneaker proxy to make sure you get that pair of limited edition sneakers or even multiple pairs is not good enough. This is because many sneakerheads use bots to make their transaction go through much faster than what a mere human can do. The chances are that while you’re typing away furiously to get your order(s) in, the sneakers you want so badly are already sold out.

To be able to compete, you will also have to use bots as they are much faster than humans. There are numerous bots available for buying sneakers, including EasyCop Ultimate, JustCopItBots, Sole Slayer, AIO Bot (learn how to set up proxies in AIO Bot), Nike bot, Supreme Bot. Such sneaker bots are task bots that automatically checkout on sneaker stores with multiple profiles.

It is not easy to choose a bot as there are many different ones available. Opt for something that will work with many different sites and only go for tried and trusted ones.

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Things to consider when buying sneakers using proxies

Below are some tips that will help you decide how to choose proxies for copping shoes.

Use private proxies

If you are serious about being able to get those sneakers without running into major problems, only use private sneaker server proxies with unlimited bandwidth. The main reason for this is speed. As many people will try to use free, open proxies, this will slow them down. It can be the difference between you getting the sneakers and missing out on them.

Test the speed

In the previous point, we mentioned the importance of the proxy’s speed. Just because you do decide to use a private proxy does not guarantee that it will be fast. Be sure to test the speed to make sure that this is indeed the case before you are disappointed when you try to cop sneakers and don’t succeed.

Location preferences

The sneaker proxy you choose should absolutely have location preference options built-in. Companies such as Nike often stagger releases across the country, and if your proxy can change location from city to city, the possibility that you can pick up those limited edition sneakers as you track them across the USA increases dramatically.

It does, however, require some extra work on your part but it is a technique that has paid dividends for numerous people. The most difficult part is that you have to find the time and date of the different releases in various locations and then work out how you are going to time it all to pick up as many pairs as possible.

Sneaker proxies with a location preference option do however come at a premium price. You will have to decide if it’s worthwhile paying this price, considering that it will dramatically increase the possibility of you being able to get your hands on multiple pairs of limited edition sneakers. Most of the time private residential proxies (or even backconnect proxies with rotating proxies) lower the chances of being banned, compared to datacenter proxies.

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Where to find sneaker proxies?

As explained above, sneaker proxies (or more specialized, Yeezy proxies, Adidas proxies, Nike proxies) are more than just regular private paid proxies. Thus, only certain proxy providers are able to offer them, but they are not cheap.

Make sure the proxy provider is reliable. Speed won’t help you much if your service provider is not reliable. Do your homework beforehand and check out that you proxy provider’s reputation is spotless. It can easily be done by looking at review sites and forums, including this blog. My advice is to start by looking at my proxy tools page. Only trustful sneaker proxy providers like StormProxiesSSLPrivateProxy, Blazing SEO, and MyPrivateProxy are listed there.

Such proxy providers offer tested proxies that you can use with sneaker sites (similarly to Ticketing proxies, PokemonGo proxies, Twitter proxiesInstagram proxies or Facebook proxies).

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Some limited-edition sneakers can be sold on secondary markets for hundreds, or even thousands of dollars. This makes them highly popular, but also very difficult to get hold of. Using sneaker proxies or shoe proxies might be the only way to get as many limited-edition sneakers as possible.

Specialized sneaker proxies are unique as they are designed for absolute power and speed and power so that you can get in and out of the sneaker websites in the shortest time possible. This is key as you have to act quickly or you won’t stand a chance of getting your hands on those sneakers.