What is an SEO proxy?

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What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is important to get targeted traffic to a website. SEO traffic is considered as leads with a higher probability of converting into paying customers compared to other marketing methods. That is why businesses often focus on actions that may affect their SEO effectiveness.

Many practices need to be started and maintained to be successful at SEO. One of these is to create or find a reliable proxy server. Private proxies are becoming increasingly popular in business, especially with SEO campaigns. 

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What is an SEO proxy?

Proxies are frequently needed when dealing with the day-to-day search engine optimization (SEO) functions.

An SEO proxy server provides you with an IP that is acknowledged by online services as being legitimate, preventing the scenario of blocked target websites.

Doing SEO to improve search engine rankings is becoming increasingly difficult. Although the process is simple, the competition is fierce, and this makes it difficult to rank highly without using SEO tools. Using SEO software does however require the use of SEO proxies which are typically used to make queries from search engines.

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Why do you need an SEO proxy?

An SEO proxy is mainly used to hide or change IP addresses. There are several reasons why this needs to be done. 

Checking competitors 

If you want to investigate your competitor’s business without revealing your identity, the proxy will help you with this by protecting your IP.

Social media accounts 

Social media marketing companies typically manage social media accounts for a number of different companies. This means they need to create multiple accounts, something social media sites don’t like, often resulting in the accounts being blocked. Using a private proxy for SEO will allow you to access each account from a different IP.

Fast loading 

Websites are cached in user’s browsers when an SEO proxy is used. The website is transferred to the cache when a user visits it for the first time, resulting in it being loaded much faster with subsequent visits. Google’s search engine loves fast sites and they improve the rank of websites that load quickly.


Web scraping is done to collect data from several websites, including competitor’s websites. This practice is however frowned upon and IPs involved in this often get banned. Using a private IP address will allow data to be collected easily without attracting undue notice.

Tracking data 

All data that moves to and from a proxy server is managed by the private proxy. This allows companies to easily keep track of traffic, clicks and SEO results, allowing for changes to be made to search engine campaigns based on actual results, until the desired results are achieved.

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How does SEO proxy work?

An SEO proxy server works as an intermediary between you and the various websites or servers. The proxy server is used to connect to those servers/websites, and to mask identifying information including your IP address.

SEO proxies allow you to bypass filters and restrictions imposed by social media networks, search engines, or competitor’s websites.

An SEO proxy is a proxy that allows you to bypass filters and restrictions imposed by social media networks.
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Types of SEO proxies

Depending on what are the SEO proxies used for the following types may be identified:

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How to choose an SEO proxy

Using a proxy server that is not reliable and can easily harm a business. It is therefore critical to do proper research before buying any proxy online from a website. The cheapest price does not necessarily mean the best deal as a poor quality product could do more harm than good. 

When purchasing a proxy online, check that the following features are available:

  • Speed is a critical factor when choosing a proxy. A proxy with a speed of 1 Gbps or better will prevent you from wasting time staring at a loading screen.
  • HTTPS, HTTP, and SSL should all be fully supported.
  • You are likely to be noticed when you use the same proxies over and over again. To stay private and effective, proxies should be replaced every month or so.
  • Having the use of unlimited bandwidth is equally as important as what speed is. Service providers that offer unlimited bandwidth with no strings attached should be selected to prevent compromising the performance of your company.
  • Private proxies should keep sensitive information safe from prying eyes. Proxies that use at least username and password authentication will help to achieve that objective.
  • Geographic location is very important to search engine rankings. Although many proxy companies only offer the location of where they are based, there are plenty of others that will give you a choice of locations from across the globe.
  • Companies offering SEO proxies should also offer continued support. Maintaining a proxy is not easy and people often fail at this because of insufficient knowledge and experience. Make sure the company you use has a great reputation for getting the job done right.
  • An SEO proxy should support all the applications you plan on using for your SEO campaign.
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Where to find good SEO proxies?

As explained above, dedicated proxies or private proxies are the way to go. However, not all dedicated proxies are good for SEO tasks. They have to expose clean IP addresses, residential if possible.

My recommendation is to subscribe to private proxies provided by premium proxy services (e.g., Storm Proxies, Blazing SEO, Luminati, Oxylabs). But, before subscribing, you need to check with the support team whether you can use the proxies with your SEO tools.

Some proxy services offer dedicated proxy packages for SEO campaigns.

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Using a proxy for SEO has a number of huge advantages that could assist your website in improving its search engine rankings dramatically. SEO tools will be more effective when used through an SEO proxy and gathering data and keeping track of all the detail is so much easier when using an SEO proxy.

I have a background in marketing and I have been working with proxies for several years. I started this blog to share my knowledge about proxies and proxy tools.