What is an Instagram Proxy and How to Use Instagram Proxies Properly

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An Instagram proxy is a private proxy specifically used for accessing Instagram. Instagram proxies can be used to connect to and manage multiple accounts, allowing users to increase their social media marketing reach and scale their audience dramatically.

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As social network websites are very restrictive, there are not many proxy providers that offer Instagram proxies, and most private proxies commonly used have already been blocked by those networks.

Instagram proxies, as well as various social media tools, use what is called virgin private proxies and the allocated IPs have never been used. This is critical and is also why proxies for social media, like those used for Instagram or like Facebook proxies, are quite expensive and cost more than most other proxy packages. 

Do you need fast and reliable Instagram proxies?

Why do you need an Instagram proxy?

Instagram tracks all the IPs that are used when manual actions are performed, or an Instagram follower bot used. An IP may arouse suspicion and could potentially be blocked if:

  1. Several accounts are managed at the same time by the same user, e.g. a marketing manager is responsible for the promotion of 5 different brands.
  2. A number of collage accounts are created. With these accounts, the audience sees one full-page picture containing 9 small squares. These profiles normally resemble landing pages and are used to sell only one service or product.
  3. Promote a catalog profile. Within these, every post has a link that points to the subaccount, which in turn directs a potential buyer to a website.

An Instagram proxy will prevent your IP address from being blocked while engaging in the activities mentioned above.

Apart from managers with a number of accounts, there are other circumstances where Instagram proxies are needed. Another case where Instagram proxies are used is when a company uses the services of one or more marketing managers that are based remotely.

When the remote manager works from a different region, there is a chance that the business’ social accounts may be blocked due to security checks wrongly and unintentionally seeing the remote connection as unsecured and suspicious. To overcome this problem, an Instagram proxy is used to link a company’s Instagram accounts to a single dedicated IP.

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How does Instagram proxy work?

Instagram proxies are clean, dedicated IP addresses that a provider allocates for login in to Instagram accounts.

In general, proxies are servers built to mask users’ real IP addresses, locations, and connections by forwarding the user’s Internet connection through a proxy server. The websites that are accessed in this way will only see the proxy server’s IPs and think that a user is located where indicated by the proxy’s IP address.

Diagram showing how an Instagram proxy works.

When proxy servers are used to connect to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter accounts, the social networks will therefore only see the proxy server’s IP address, but not the real IP address and the location of the user from where these accounts are connected. A single user using multiple proxies can connect to multiple Instagram accounts in this way, and the site will see the connections as being different.

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How to choose an Instagram proxy

The best type of Instagram proxy to use is one using fixed, dedicated IPs, also known as datacenter proxy servers.

This is because you need a dedicated Instagram proxy IP to tie your account connected to the same IP and isolate it.

As residential proxies or rotating proxies do not use fixed IPs and the IP a proxy uses changes every 5 or 10 minutes, it becomes impossible to tie an account on Instagram to an individual IP. If you use a rotating IP, you face the same risk of being blocked as you would when connecting to multiple accounts without using a proxy.

Similarly, shared proxies may be used to connect to different accounts by different users. Thus, they are not a suitable solution either as the risk of getting banned is high.

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Where to find Instagram proxies?

Instagram proxies are not very common as they get easily blocked by Instagram. The solution to buy Instagram proxies is to get dedicated proxies provided by premium proxy services. Some private proxy providers like Storm ProxiesSSLPrivateProxies, MyPrivateProxy even offer special packages optimized for accessing Instagram. Such proxy providers offer tested proxies that you can use with Instagram (similar to Ticketing proxies, PokemonGo proxies, Twitter proxies, Sneaker proxies or Facebook proxies).

Do you need fast and reliable Instagram proxies?
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How to use an Instagram proxy properly

It is a good practice not to use the same proxy for more than three Instagram accounts.

If you use a system to run an auto-liking campaign, it’s also a good idea not to like posts manually at the same time. If you do this, Instagram is likely to pick up that IPs from two different locations are used (your own proxy and the proxy used by the auto-liking service). This discrepancy in geographical locations may cause Instagram to react by preventing your profile to comment, follow, like photos, for a certain period.

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Grow your Instagram followers automatically? Yes, please.

Don’t you want to manually set Instagram proxies? Would you like to grow your Instagram account automatically? Then, Instagram bots are what you are looking for.

Premium Instagram bots are able to:

  • Get real followers, comments, and likes.
  • Send direct messages.
  • Track your account’s progress.

However, you need to be careful when choosing an Instagram automation tool. Bots use proxies to connect to your Instagram account. If proxies are not clean your Instagram account may get banned. Here are two Instagram bots that I recommend: SocialSensei and SocialCaptain.

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Instagram proxy IPs are dedicated IP addresses that social media users and account owners use to protect their accounts when managing multiple accounts from the same place, or when connecting from multiple places.

In general, proxies for Instagram are SEO tools that are used to isolate an account from the setup it uses to connect in order to protect the account from potential blocks and bans.


I have a background in marketing and I have been working with proxies for several years. I started this blog to share my knowledge about proxies and proxy tools.