What is a High Anonymity Proxy or Elite Proxy?

What is a high anonymity proxy or elite proxy?

High anonymity proxies are also known as elite proxies. A high anonymity proxy or elite proxy has a number of additional unique features, apart from the basic functions that any other HTTP proxy can do. High anonymity proxies have all the advantages of anonymous proxies in terms of privacy, but can also conceal the fact that a user is using a proxy server.

When a high anonymity proxy is used, the most advanced security is provided by enabling the best protection and privacy on the internet. Users’ IP addresses are completely hidden and it appears as if the server is the user.

Some of the owners of the high anonymity proxies are changing the IP addresses of the servers periodically to fly under the radar and avoid detection.

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How does a high anonymity proxy work?

High anonymity proxies work by concealing computer information and users’ IP addresses completely. Headers normally sent out by a proxy do not include a user’s IP address as is customary. This type of proxy is considered the most secure as users can use them in conjunction with other platforms to improve their computer security further.

A high anonymity proxy works in the same was a regular HTTP proxy: an HTTP client (e.g., a web browser) sends web requests to an elite proxy which in turn forwards it to the actual web server. The web server sees the proxy server simply as another connection and answers it as usual. The proxy server then delivers the HTTP response to the client.

The critical difference that the elite proxy completely hides the original request. Thus, the webserver does not know that the HTTP request comes from a proxy.

High Anonymity Proxy - Hide IP - How does it work?
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What is the use of a high anonymity proxy?

The main use of a high anonymity proxy is to help protect anonymity and hiding the user’s public IP address. Elite proxies also may speed things up, resulting in computer requests being granted more quickly, while bandwidth usage is reduced. Furthermore, some elite proxies are able to intercept and block requests to shady or dangerous sites protecting its users from downloading malware and adware infected content.

Another significant use of a high anonymity proxy is to enhance which content can be accessed on a computer. Blocked sites can be accessed, allowance for sites you frequent can be set up, sites in foreign countries visited, outside content downloaded, security controls bypassed, and web requests to other servers made. The proxy puts this power and control in your hands, without you having to think about it. It also simplifies secure web browsing, making the process seamless, effortless and fast.

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Advantages of elite proxies

  • It is best to use a high anonymity proxy to unblock websites or when downloading or accessing foreign programs, as the foreign server will not be able to determine that a user is browsing from outside the region.
  • High anonymity proxies give the best user protection and privacy to conceal personal information and keep it secure and hidden.
  • Using high anonymity proxy servers generally decreases the probability of cybercrimes, including identity theft.
  • A high anonymity proxy is the best way to protect a user’s information and the computer’s identity when connecting to the Internet.
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Disadvantages of elite proxies

  • Using proxy servers always has some degree of risk since all data transferred to them is at risk of being shared with malicious internet users. It is the so-called ‘bad neighbor effect.’
  • Internet attackers and malicious hackers often use high anonymity proxies for their protection and security, and this will cause the speed to reduce.
  • When high anonymity proxies are not configured properly, any third party or malicious hacker can get hold of a user’s data and information, thereby jeopardizing their security.
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Does a high anonymity proxy hide your IP address?

Yes, a high anonymity proxy does hide your public IP address (masks your IP address). High anonymity proxies or elite proxies are the most secure proxies available, meaning your IP address can’t be determined. As explained above, the HTTP headers sent by an elite proxy to the destination website do not contain the IP address of the proxy client neither the information that a proxy is used.

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Comparison: Transparent proxy, anonymous proxy, and high anonymity proxy

Proxies normally send three different types of HTTP headers:


When a REMOTE_ADDR header is sent, the IP address of the proxy server is always included. That also happens whenever you are regularly browsing, without using a proxy server.

Transparent proxy Proxy’s IP address User's IP address Proxy’s IP address
Anonymity proxy Proxy’s IP address Proxy’s IP address or random IP Proxy’s IP address
High anonymity proxy blank blank Proxy’s IP address

Transparent proxy

Transparent proxies send the real IP address in the HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR header, allowing a website to not only see the REMOTE_ADDR, but it can also check other proxy headers that contain the real IP address. A transparent proxy server also sends the HTTP_VIA header, showing that a proxy server is being used.

Anonymous proxy

Anonymous proxies do not send the real IP address (masks your IP) in the HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR header but send the IP address of the proxy instead. The HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR header is sometimes simply left blank. Like with a transparent proxy, the HTTP_VIA header is also sent, revealing that a proxy server is being used.

Elite proxy / High anonymity proxy

Elite proxies only send the REMOTE_ADDR header, leaving the other headers blank or empty. It results in it creating the impression that you are simply an average internet user that does not use a proxy at all.

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Where to find elite proxies?

Premium proxy services offer access to high anonymity proxies, but you may also find free such proxies, known as open proxies. You should first check our proxy tools page. You will find there several private proxy services (like BlazingSEO, StormProxies, and InstantProxies) and even sites that list free anonymous proxies on public proxy servers. Additionally, you may get access to elite proxies by searching Google on “elite proxy,” “free high anonymity proxies,” or “high anonymity proxy list.”

Don’t you trust the free proxies or the ones provided by proxy services? You may set up your own. Get started by reading the following tutorials: Create your private, secure, high anonymous proxy – A step by step guide and Setup high anonymous elite proxy with Squid.

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How to use a high anonymity proxy

High anonymity proxies, as well as an HTTP proxy, are designed for web browsing and accessing the Internet. Thus, to connect to a proxy from your web browser, you have the following alternatives:

Example: if you want to set up an elite proxy for the Chrome browser on your Mac you need to perform the following steps:

  1. Open the Google Chrome browser.
  2. Go to Settings > Advanced > System > Open proxy settings. It will open the Network settings of your macOS.
  3. Select and check Web Proxy (HTTP) or Secure Web Proxy (HTTPS).
  4. Fill in the (Secure) Web Proxy Server IP address and port. Also, if the proxy server requires authentication, enter the Username and Password.
  5. Click Ok, and you have completed the setup of the high anonymity proxy.

Important! As the settings are performed to the level of the operating system (macOS in this case), all applications that operate with the HTTP protocol will use the elite proxy.

High Anonymity Proxy Setup - Chrome Mac
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If you really want to make sure that your IP address is not revealed when browsing the internet, using high anonymity or elite proxy is the way to go. These proxies give the best user protection and privacy to conceal personal information and keep it secure and hidden.

I have a background in marketing and I have been working with proxies for several years. I started this blog to share my knowledge about proxies and proxy tools.