What is a Craigslist Proxy and How to Master Craigslist Posting

What is a Craigslist proxy

A Craigslist proxy is a private proxy that is used to connect to the classified ads platforms. The providers that offer Craigslist proxies are offering virgin proxies for accessing the Craigslist website.

Choosing cheap shared proxies does not work for Craigslist as there is a high chance that Craigslist bans those proxies.

What You’ll Learn

Why do you need a Craigslist proxy?

There are several things you can do on Craigslist by using a proxy.

Making multiple posts

Craigslist does not want a single IP address to make a lot of posts. If you are going to sell a digital product an opportunity, you might need to make multiple postings to reach as many people as necessary.

Scraping data

Many people use Craigslist proxies to scrape data to check on items that are being sold. They then buy those items at a specific price and later resell them.

Getting past work blocks

If your employer blocks you from visiting certain sites at work, a Craigslist proxy will allow you to bypass the Craiglist IP block.

Sidestepping location restrictions

Craigslist does not allow someone in one location post an ad in another location. If you, for example, live in New York, Craigslist would not let you post an ad in Los Angeles. You can sidestep this restriction with a proxy.

Banned accounts

If you have done something wrong on Craigslist, your IP might have been banned. If you use a proxy, your IP address will be different and can use Craigslist again.

Getting around phone verification

If you post many ads on Craigslist with the same IP address, your account might be flagged for phone verification. Using a Craigslist proxy will prevent this.

Staying anonymous

You might use a Craigslist proxy to stay anonymous without people knowing where you have gone.

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How does a Craigslist proxy work

A Craigslist proxy server is a regular HTTP proxy that can be used to bypass firewalls and access the Craigslist website. The main issue with Craigslist proxies is the fact that they may get banned quickly if they are used unproperly.

Diagram showing how a Craigslist proxy works
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How to choose a Craigslist proxy

A Craigslist proxy should be secure, fast, and reliable, especially if you build a business that relies on the ads you post.


A secure proxy server will prevent malicious attacks directed at your server and maintain your anonymity while you are browsing Craigslist and posting your ad.


A fast IPs will allow you to post your ads with a minimum of time-wasting so you can get on with your other business tasks.


Having a reliable IP means you will have a reliable connection so you can post an ad in one go without having to restart the connection. Also, it hides your IP address completely during the process, thus reducing the chances to have the ad unproved.

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Advantages of using proxies for Craigslist posting

If you want to start a business on Craigslist, you have to post ads to sell items. To display multiple ads locally from multiple locations from around your area, you need to buy Craigslist proxies and use them to post classified ads. By posting multiple ads daily, you will get higher exposure and your chances of being found increase.

One of the easiest ways you can build a business on Craigslist is by flipping items. This has several advantages. You would not need an inventory for too long, and if you use local private proxies, you can post numerous ads, making them appear in front of many buyers.

Another advantage of flipping items through Craigslist proxies is the speed with which those items can be posted and sold. To do this successfully, you need the largest distribution you can get. A Craigslist proxy can help you achieve this by giving you the ability to post multiple ads daily. Your ads will, therefore, be updated, and relevant every day.

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Where to find Craigslist proxies?

Craigslist proxies are dedicated proxies with clean IP addresses (not blacklisted by Craigslist). Most of the time, residential proxies with residential IP addresses are the safest way to proceed. Of course, open proxies are not a solution and they do not worth a try.

Thus, you need to consider subscribing to a paid proxy service. Such proxy providers offer tested proxies that you can use with Craigslist (similar to Sneaker proxies, Ticketing proxies, PokemonGo proxies, Twitter proxiesInstagram proxies or Facebook proxies).

Some private proxy providers like SSL Private Proxies even offer special packages optimized for accessing Craigslist. They come with unlimited bandwidth, multiple subnets, multiple locations, instant activation, money-back guarantee, no setup fees.

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How to use a Craigslist proxy to post an ad

Here is a step by step tutorial on how to post a Craigslist ad with a proxy:

  1. Firstly, you need to turn on your Craigslist proxy. You may do it manually (learn how to use a proxy on different browsers) or use a proxy browser extension (e.g., FoxyProxy).  It is essential to do this before you access the Craigslist site.
  2. Go to craigslist.org.
  3. Click on the “create a posting” link in the upper left hand of the screen.
  4. Select the type of ad you want to place. Depending on what is selected, you will be taken to a list of specified categories or a list of guidelines. For categories, select the category that best describes your ad. For guidelines, click the “I abide by these guidelines” button.
  5. Fill in all applicable fields to describe your post.
  6. Click on “continue”.
  7. Review the sample ad. Click “edit” to make changes or “continue” to approve the ad.
  8. Read the terms of use and click on “accept” if you consent. If you don’t consent, click on “decline”.
  9. Type in the captcha word.
  10. Check your email for the email from Craigslist that allows you to publish, edit or delete the posting. Click on “publish” to finalize the posting.
  11. If you want to post another ad, close the browser tab that shows the Craigslist website, clear the browser’s cookies and cache, start over with step 1.
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Proxies or VPNs – What to use for Craigslist posting?

As explained above, posting multiple ads on Craigslist may require some tricks. The most important one involves hiding your public IP address to avoid being banned.

This can be achieved either by using proxies or VPN. The result is the same. The only difference is that VPNs encrypt your Internet traffic and it may slow down your connection. However, most of the time, you should not be aware of the performance gap.

To conclude, if you are already subscribed to a VPN service to protect your only privacy and secure your Internet connection, you may use it for Craigslist posting as well. Otherwise, proxies are the better choice as they are cheaper.

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You can make money online by flipping items on Craigslist. Although this can be done without using a Craigslist proxy, this will severely limit the number of ads you are able to place.

Using proxies for Craigslists will increase your chances of success dramatically. Craigslist proxies are private dedicated proxies that have specific locations. This makes it easy for you to post multiple ads in specific areas.

I have a background in marketing and I have been working with proxies for several years. I started this blog to share my knowledge about proxies and proxy tools.