What is a Backconnect Proxy?

What is a Rotating Backconnect Proxy?

Servers that use pools of residential proxies are known as backconnect proxies. Backconnect proxies regularly switch between residential IP addresses, but data center IPs can be used as well. That provides improved anonymity and increases security significantly.

A backconnect proxy could be seen as an upgraded residential proxy that offers better opportunities than basic proxies do.

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How does a backconnect proxy work?

Backconnect proxy services provide users with IP addresses shared dynamically (i.e., shared proxies). The IP address of the service automatically changes at specific intervals, usually every 10 minutes. It uses a proxy IP pool that is mostly a massive database of IPs that is continually checked and refreshed.

When a proxy client connects to the backconnect rotating proxy, the requests are forwarded to a random proxy from the backconnect proxy pool. Thus, the proxy client is assigned a different IP address every time a proxy connection is established.

What is a backconnect proxy

A backconnect proxy supports typically HTTP as well as SOCKS4 and SOCKS5, and most of the time they are implemented as high anonymity proxies. The key features of a backconnect proxies are the latency of proxies and the number of IPs in the database. The number of IPs in the pool does have an effect on the proxy’s speed with fewer IPs equating to a lower speed. The latency of the proxy determines how fast the IP can be changed. It can take anything between 2 and 30 seconds, and it varies between proxies.

What is the use of a backconnect proxy?

  • Backconnect proxies are used by SEO tools (Scrapebox, RankerX, GSA SER, SEnuke, Hrefer, etc.), web scraping sitestraffic bots, for bulk account creation on social media sites or other actions that require a large number of different IP addresses.
  • They are often used to perform testing, including multivariate and A/B testing.
  • Ad verification on different websites is another common usage.
  • Firewall features availability on proxies protects web-based networks from being attacked by viruses and other DOS attacks.
  • The existing server’s details are hidden.
  • Backconnect proxies compress the communication packets to speed up the loading sequence of web pages.
  • An entire load of a server is distributed to a group of servers for the increased speed of the working environment. It is generally done by caching static content.
  • Backconnect proxies can be used to add HTTP access authentication to web servers that do not have this type of authentication.
  • Using such a proxy, you may change your IP address and hide your public IP.
  • The sneaker residential proxies are ideal for multiple purchases on sneaker websites. Also, backconnect residential proxies can be used as Ticketmaster proxies on ticket sites.

Advantages of backconnect proxies

There are some advantages when using backconnect proxies, as most of them made possible due to the use of proxy rotation.


Backconnect proxies provide greatly enhanced speed due to the constant rotation of IPs to attain better security and connection.

Rates are not limited

When a backconnect rotating proxy is used to crawl or scrape the web, the number of rotating IPs eliminates the rate limits generally imposed by scraping software.

Better anonymity

The real IP of the user will be practically invisible due to the number of rotating servers. Different requests will be made by different IPs, even though these will be done by the same user.

Better security

Backconnect proxies allow users to make an HTTP request to servers that are situated in different countries around the world. It dramatically increases the security and safety when the web is browsed, as all these different servers will shield the user from malicious content.

Disadvantages of backconnect proxies


When residential backconnect proxies are used, a number of residential proxy servers of high quality at different locations need to be made available. Although this feature is excellent, it stands to reason that this type of service will cost more than a regular proxy does.

Speed issues

Although it is true that backconnect proxies are normally faster, there might still be some speed problems. It will however only happen if the backconnect rotating proxy service is incompatible with the server used by the user. When using reliable providers, this should however never be a problem.

Differences between a backconnect proxy and a rotating proxy

Backconnect proxies and rotating proxies are essentially the same things. Different providers merely use the two terms interchangeably. Some providers and users use the terms residential rotating proxies or backconnect rotating proxies simply because the IPs rotate after a while, or when a request is made.

Be aware however that reverse backconnect proxies are something different that is used by websites and not for web browsing. Reverse proxies are used to protect websites from malicious traffic and various connection types, i.e., they are used as firewalls or filters.

Reverse backconnect proxies are seen by browsers as if it were a web server, while the website is concealed behind the proxy. It allows the website to remain safe.

Where to find and buy backconnect proxies?

There is no such thing as free backconnect residential proxies. As the costs involved by running and maintaining such proxies are high, premium backconnect services can be quite expensive (especially dedicated proxy services).

You should first check our proxy tools page. You will find there several excellent private proxy services. One of them is Storm Proxies that I recently reviewed, with instant access, unlimited bandwidth and money-back guarantee. Another good one is Smartproxy. Additionally, you may get access to backconnect proxies by searching Google on “rotating backconnect proxy,” “dedicated rotating proxies,” or “rotating proxy.”


The primary use of backconnect proxies is by users who want to do bulk data scrapping.

As with selecting any type of proxy server, be sure that the service provider can be trusted and has a good reputation. Rates charged for backconnect proxies are much higher than other types of proxies, as it is expensive to get access to multiple residential IP addresses. Both the quality and the connection speed will vary depending on the backconnect service provider you choose.

By using a proxy server, you can protect yourself from unexpected attacks and access, and your IP address will remain anonymous while surfing the internet.

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