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Oxylabs Proxies Review
9.5Expert Score
Oxylabs Proxies Review

Oxylabs is a proxy provider for businesses. It offers access to premium dedicated and residential proxies. This Oxylabs review presents the main features of the service as well as its pros and cons.

Oxylabs Proxies review in a nutshell

FeatureOxylabs Proxies
Proxy location Worldwide proxy network.
Proxy client Manual configuration, proxy bots or software, browser extensions, programmatically.
IP source Residential IPs and Datacenter IPs.
IP rotation Yes. Automatic rotation for residential proxies and optional proxy rotator on Virtual Machine for Datacenter proxies.
IP replacement It depends.
Authentication IP based or username/password.
Bandwidth Unlimited bandwidth for data center proxies, limited for residential proxies.
Speed & performance Good.
Usage restrictions No Ticketmaster, no port 25.
Trial period Yes, 7 days.
Pricing From $1.2/proxy/month for data center proxies. From $5/GB for residential proxies.
Payment methods Paypal, wire transfer.
Moneyback & Refund policy No refund after the trial.
Support 24/7 email/ticketing & live chat support.
Control Panel Basic functions, advanced statistics.
Visit Oxylabs for more details:
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Proxy types

Oxylabs offers access to two types of proxies: data center proxies and residential proxies. They are elite proxies and they support the following protocols: HTTP (port 80), HTTPS (SSL over port 443), TLS, SOCKS4, and SOCKS5.

Datacenter proxies

The data center proxies use dedicated IP addresses, are available in 100+ locations and come with unlimited bandwidth and unlimited concurrent sessions. They are suitable for tasks like market research (gather and analyze business intelligence data), brand protection, web crawling, search engine data scraping, ad verification, price comparisons, big data, classified posting, social media.

Residential proxies

The residential proxies are compatible with scraping bots and they are suitable for ad verification, travel fare aggregation (collect data from hotel and flight company websites, online travel agencies, and other sources), or for creating and managing social media accounts (in the same manner as Instagram proxies, Facebook proxies, Twitter proxies).

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Proxy location

Oxylabs offers proxies all over the World (more than 30M IPs). The top proxy locations are the United States (3M+ IPs), Germany, Russia, United Kindom, France, Canada, Australia, China.

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Proxy client

Oxylabs proxies can be used in various ways, similar to other HTTP/HTTPS and SOCKS proxies.

Manual configuration

The manual proxy configuration of any browser or proxy-enabled application is easy to perform.

All popular web browsers can route your Internet traffic through HTTP/HTTPS or SOCKS proxies. Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to set up SOCKS on Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari (similarly, HTTP proxies can be set up). Also, the HTTP proxies can be configured on iPhone/iPad and Android devices.

Proxy browser extensions

For faster management of the proxy settings, you may want to install a proxy browser extension or addon. The one that I and Oxylabs recommend is FoxyProxy that works for Firefox, as well as for Chrome. For the residential proxies, you need to use the main proxy entry point (pr.oxylabs.io and port 777) instead of the proxy IP and port.

Proxy software or proxy bots

Oxylabs proxies are specially designed for web crawling, search engine data scraping, ad verification. Thus they are suitable to be used with proxy software applications and proxy bots (e.g., Web mining platforms like Connotate, or Kapow).

Use the proxies programmatically

HTTP and SOCKS proxies can easily be used programmatically to build your own scripts and applications. In order to connect to the proxies, you may either use the username/password authentication or list the IP of your server in the Authorized IPs list in the Oxylabs Control Panel.

For example, in PHP, you may call the cURL function similarly to the code below:

$username = ‘USERNAME’;
$password = ‘PASSWORD’;
$proxy = ‘pr.oxylabs.io:7777’; //for residential proxies
$query = curl_init(‘https://xmyip.com’);
curl_setopt($query, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, 1);
curl_setopt($query, CURLOPT_PROXY, “http://$proxy”);
curl_setopt($query, CURLOPT_PROXYUSERPWD, “customer-$username:$password”); $output = curl_exec($query); curl_close($que

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IP source

Oxylabs offers both data center IPs and residential IP addresses, depending on the package.

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IP rotation

Oxylabs residential proxies are rotating (you get new IP on every request). For the data center proxies, you may use certain proxy rotation applications or browser extensions.

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IP replacement

It depends on the case. Abused IPs and blocked IPs are not replaced. 

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For the data center proxies both IP based or basic HTTP authentication (username and password) are available. If you use user/pass authentication the proxy port is 60000. If you have whitelisted your IP the port is 65432.

The residential proxies use the username and password authentication.

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Oxylabs residential proxies are priced based on traffic, so you get traffic limitations based on your pricing plan. Datacenter IPs have unlimited bandwidth and unlimited concurrent sessions.

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Speed & Performance

For this Oxylabs review, I was provided access to a package of 100 data center proxies.

I was not able to perform a speed test using Speedtest.net as I kept getting the Latency Test Error. I suppose it has to do with the server proxy settings.

However, I did several tests using the XMyIP Speed Test (see one of the results below). The speed was good and the overall impression was that the proxies are stable.

Oxylabs Proxies Review - Speed test

Note: The speed test was performed in Europe, on a Windows machine using the Firefox browser.

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Usage restrictions

Oxylabs does not support port 25, and also their proxies should not be used as Ticketmaster proxies.

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Trial period

Oxylabs offers a free 7-day trial to registered companies. You need to fill out a form and you will be contacted within 24 hours.

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The Oxylabs pricing model depends on the type of proxy (data center or residential) and on location (for data center proxies) or bandwidth (for residential proxies):

  • Datacenter proxies in the United States from $1.8/month/proxy. The minimum number of proxies is 100.
  • Datacenter proxies in the rest of the World from $4/month/proxy. The minimum number of proxies is 100.
  • Residential proxies from $15/GB with a $300 minimum monthly commitment.
Visit Oxylabs for more details regarding the price:
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Payment methods

You may pay for Oxylabs proxies using PayPal or wire transfer.

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Moneyback & Refund policy

There is no refund after the trial for Oxylabs proxies. You may try the service without payment and see if the performance fits your needs.

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Oxylabs provides 24/7 system monitoring and enterprise-level support via Skype, Email or by phone for every client. The response time is, according to the Oxylabs web site, less than 4 hours.

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Control Panel

When you buy proxies from Oxylabs, you are provided with a link to the proxy list and access to the Statistics Dashboard. It is the place where you can see proxy usage stats grouped by day, targets, or subnets. Also, it is where you can set the authorization IPs (Whitelist IPs) for the data center proxies.

Oxylabs Review - Control Panel
For more information regarding Oxylabs proxies:
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9.5 Total Score
Top Business Proxy Service

Oxylabs is a proxy provider for businesses, optimized for large-scale web data extraction.

Proxy Features and Quality
Customer Support
  • A free trial is available.
  • Data center and residential proxies available.
  • HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS protocols supported.
  • Unlimited bandwidth for data center proxies.
  • Rotating proxies.
  • No shared proxies.
  • No small proxy packages (MOQ=100).
  • No refund policy.
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