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Infatica Review
9.5Expert Score
Infatica proxy Review

Infatica is a proxy provider for businesses with a global proxy network. It is an excellent solution for SEO data providers, SEO agencies, price aggregators, marketers. This Infatica review presents the main features of the service as well as its pros and cons.

Infatica review in a nutshell

Proxy types HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS.
Proxy location Worldwide proxy network.
Proxy client Manual configuration, proxy bots or software.
IP source Residential IPs, Datacenter IPs, Mobile IPs.
IP rotation Yes, inbuilt IP rotation system.
IP replacement No.
Authentication IP whitelisting and certificate.
Bandwidth Unlimited for residential proxies.
Speed & performance Good.
Usage restrictions No illegal activities, hacking, spam.
Trial period Yes, 3 days.
Pricing From $0.06/proxy for residential proxies. Custom pricing for data center proxies.
Payment methods Paypal, credit cards, Bitcoin, WebMoney, Paysera.
Moneyback & Refund policy 3-days. Bitcoin payment not refundable.
Support 24/7 email/ticketing & live chat support.
Control Panel Simple and easy-to-use dashboard.
Visit Infatica for more details:
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Proxy types

Infatica offers residential proxies and data center shared proxies. Packages containing mobile IP proxies will be launched soon. Proxies are implemented as high anonymity proxies and use the HTTP/HTTPS protocol or SOCKS5.

The Infatica residential proxies are offered all over the World, with unlimited bandwidth. These proxies are perfect for web scraping, localized search, PPC quality control, purchase validation, ads network monitoring.

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Proxy location

Infatica offers residential proxies in almost any country. Datacenter proxies are available in more than 100 locations.

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Proxy client

Infatica proxies can be used virtually in all-white hat use cases that involve changing your public IP address.

Manual configuration

All web browsers can be set up to use proxies and they can route the Internet traffic through proxies (HTTP or SOCKS).

Proxies offered by Infactica do not need password authentication, but they require IP whitelisting and certificate installation. The first step is to navigate to the Client Area > Services > Active Service and add your IP (the IP of your server or virtual machine). Then choose the desired proxy from the Proxy List and proceed with the proxy setup in your browser.

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to set up proxies on Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari. Moreover, HTTP proxies can be configured on iPhone/iPad and Android devices.

Proxy browser extensions

Infatica is working on its own browser extension, but it is not yet available.

In the meanwhile, you may use other proxy extensions for Infatica proxy management. I recommend FoxyProxy that works for Firefox, as well as for Chrome.

Proxy software or proxy bots

As mentioned above, Infatica proxies can be used virtually in any business scenario that involves proxies, including scraper software (ScrapeBox, Parsehub), social media bots, proxy bots, or other types of proxy tools (Elite Proxy SwitcherProxifier).

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IP source

Smartproxy uses residential IPs, data center IPs, and mobile IP addresses.

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IP rotation

The IPs are rotated every hour. Consequently, after an hour all the IP addresses are rotated. For the World Mix package, even the location of the proxy may be changed after rotation.

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IP replacement

As IPs are rotated regularly there is no need for IP replacement.

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The authentication method is IP based. You may whitelist your IPs by creating from the Client Area (Dashboard). However, you may need to install an additional security certificate to get the proxies to work properly. Check the Infatica knowledge base for more details.

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The residential proxies come with unlimited bandwidth. For the data center proxies, the bandwidth is charged per usage.

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Speed & Performance

For this Infatica review, I used a trial for the WorldMix package. I switched between several locations and tested the speed using

Infatica review - Speed test

It is difficult to jump to a conclusion regarding the speed and the performance of the Infatica proxies due to the permanent rotating system. However, as long as I was able to test, the download speed was good and the connection stable.

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Usage restrictions

The Infatica service cannot be used for any illegal or unauthorized purposes.

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Trial period

A free trial is available upon request and the duration is between 3 and 5 days.

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The Infatica pricing for the residential proxies is based on the number of IPs/proxies and the number of threads (simultaneous connections).

Here are some packages (with starting price points) that you may subscribe to:

  • World Mix (proxies from all over the World)
    • 3,000 IPs, 500 threads – $199/month.
    • 8,000 IPs, 500 threads – $399/month.
    • 20,000 IPs, 1000 threads – $1,299/month.
  • Europe/Asia/CSI
    • available upon request.
  • Country (Any)
    • available upon request.

For more information regarding the available packages please contact the Infatica sales team.

Visit Infatica for more details regarding the pricing:
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Payment methods

Infatica accepts the following payment methods: credit cards, PayPal, Bitcoin, WebMoney, Paysera.

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Moneyback & Refund policy

Infatica offers full or partial refunds, depending on how long you have used the service. Refunds are processed within 24 hours.

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The Infatica team is able to respond to Severity 1 support requests 24 x 7 by email, tickets, or phone.

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Control Panel

The Client Area uses Whmcs for client and proxy management. The basic user interface allows you to:

  • Get the proxy list.
  • Add IPs to the white list for authentication.
  • Upgrade or downgrade your subscription.
Infatica review - client area
For more information regarding Infatica proxies:
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9.5 Total Score
Infatica Review - Global Peer-to-Business Proxy Network is a global proxy network designed for professional use. It can be used virtually in unlimited business use cases.

Proxy Features and Quality
Customer Support
  • Free trial is available.
  • Bandwidth is unlimited for residential IPs.
  • Excellent price per proxy.
  • HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS protocols supported.
  • MOQ is 3000 proxies for residential proxies.
  • No control over the proxy location for the World Mix package.
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