How to Use GSA SER with Proxies for Maximum Results

GSA SER is a powerful SEO tool for automatically building backlinks to your web site. GSA SER proxies are necessary for efficiently running the GSA SER application. Learn how to use GSA SER for maximum results.

What You’ll Learn

What is GSA SER?

To be on page one of the search results with any keyword, you have to do webpage optimization and build a massive amount of backlinks. While it is not that difficult to do website optimization, the same can’t be said of building backlinks. GSA Search Engine Ranker is software that can be used to build backlinks to your website. 

GSA Search Engine Ranker software can run continuously and create backlinks for you all day long, and it does not need a database of submission websites, unlike other SEO tools. It finds new websites and submits your webpage without needing any input.

GSA SER uses rulesets such as skipping the submission on sites with too many outgoing links and only submitting to high page rank websites. It is also not limited to submit one website at a time. 

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What can you do with GSA SER?

There are a number of ways GSA Search Engine Ranker can be used, each with its own purpose.

Important! GSA SER provides low-quality links! You should not build links with GSA SER to your main site (money site) unless you know exactly what you are doing!

Tier 2 Spamming

On tier 1 sites, you should use good quality spun articles. However, on tier 2 you may use GSA SER to build many backlinks that increase the relevance of tier 1 sites.

Spam rank

For this option, you need to configure GSA to post to most platforms and import huge site lists.

As you don’t need quality backlinks with this method, you don’t have to change many GSA SER settings. The method works on the volume of links the site will constantly get, making Google think the site has gone viral. It is easy to make lots of low-quality links with GSA, and the sheer number of links provide the same power as a few high-quality ones.

Copy Competitor links

GSA can create just about any type of link on the web. If you go on a site, you can download a competitor’s backlinks, and put them in GSA. GSA SER will then try to create as many of them as possible. 

Niche Related Backlinking

Niche related links are excellent, especially for niches with low competition. With GSA, these can be easily automated.

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How to use GSA SER (Search Engine Ranker)

There are several good tutorials that explain step-by-step how to set up and configure GSA SER. My advice is to start with the following videos:

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How not to use GSA SER

A problem often encountered with GSA SER is that it is used as a shotgun without having a proper strategy, or even fully understanding what the tool does and how it is done.

You can get massive volumes of links without being banned or facing penalties if you use it correctly. You can, however, doom your site to oblivion if you use it incorrectly. Like with any SEO tool, you have to use it to implement a specific strategy.

To conclude, make sure you read about the potential damages to your site(s) before you start using GSA SER.

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Do you need GSA SER proxies?

You have to use proxies to run GSA SER effectively. Proxies have a big impact on the generated links per minute and the overall GSA success rate. Proxies for GSA SER hide your IP address, and you can avoid IP bans.

Proxies are a must, and here is why:

  • If you don’t use proxies your IP will be banned quickly and you won’t be able to scrape any target sites.
  • By using proxies, you may submit the same site over and over to the same target site without being banned or have your site being removed.
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What types of proxies are suitable for GSA SER?

Proxies are crucial for building links and the speed of your proxy will define the number of backlinks you’ll be able to get. Although many online companies provide proxies, their service and the speed of their proxies will be widely different.

Can I use free proxies with GSA SER?

Yes, you can use free proxies, but it is not recommended. They are not reliable and you will have a high failure rate. It is a waste of time and server/computer resources!

Dedicated, semi-dedicated or shared proxies?

Shared proxies are cheaper than dedicated or semi-dedicated ones, but they are not recommended as they are shared between many users and they get easily blacklisted.

Semi-dedicated proxies are still shared with a few other customers. Although this means they are not as expensive, there is still a risk as you don’t know what they are used for.

With a dedicated private proxy, you are the only one using it. This is what we recommend for GSA SER.

I have reviewed several good proxy providers that may help you get the best results with the GSA software. Between 20 and 30 dedicated proxies should be enough to start with.

Are backconnect proxies the best solution for GSA SER?

Backconnect proxies assign a different exit IP address every several minutes or for every web request. Thus, the success rate increases significantly as the chances to have the proxies banned are slim.

But, most of the backconnect proxy providers limit the number of simultaneous connections (threads). Thus, this limit may lower the number of backlinks GSA SER can produce in a certain period of time.

Additionally, backconnect proxies are more expensive than dedicated proxies.

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How to set up the GSA SER proxies

Setting up proxies is straightforward. Go to Global Proxy setup and check the Use Proxies option. You may use both Public and Private proxies, but, as explained above, private proxies are recommended.

How to use GSA SER proxies - Settings

Next, click Configure. You are now able to add your proxies. You may do so by adding them one by one, paste them from the clipboard or importing a proxy list provided by the proxy service.

How to add a proxy in GSA SER

Further, you should test the proxies and make sure they work. Even if you are using a top proxy provider some of the proxies may be blacklisted on certain sites.

Select the proxies, choose the test type (against Google Search, Bing, WhatismyIPaddress, an Anonymous Test URL or a custom test).

The testing process will result in either green proxies for successful or red proxies for failed proxies. If they are all green you are ready to go. Otherwise, you should remove or replace the red ones.

Important! You should test your proxies on a regular basis to see if any are banned or fail. It is possible that, if you are using too many threads per proxy, to have the proxies blacklisted quickly.

How to set GSA SER to automatically grab proxies

An advanced approach to using proxies with GSA SER is to set an automatic grab from your proxy provider at certain intervals.

It is useful when you are able to request a proxy replacement. The advantage is that you don’t need to set the proxies to GSA SER every time they get renewed.

Here is how to set GSA SER to automatically get proxies

  1. Open the Proxy Settings tab.
  2. Click on the Add/Edit Proxy button.
  3. Right-click the list on the left and select Check None.
  4. Click the Add button.
  5. Add your API URL provided by the proxy service (for example SSLPrivateProxy or BlazingSEO) and select the option to Add as private proxy type.
  6. Go back to the main Proxy Settings page and click on the Options tab.
  7. Set Automatically search for new proxies every to 120 minutes.
  8. Done!
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GSA SER proxies tips

Finally, take into consideration the following tips:

  • Make sure that you only use the proxies for link building. Disable verification! You will only waste time if you use proxies for everything.
  • The proxies need to be elite proxies (high anonymous proxies).
  • The faster the proxies, the more backlinks you get.
  • The more proxies you have, the better the GSA SER will run.
  • Start with a minimum of 20 proxies.
  • Start with 10 threads for each proxy and check the results. You may increase the number of threads per proxy to get more links with fewer proxies, but not too much. Otherwise, your proxies will get banned quickly.
  • After adding new proxies, always check that they are working.
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GSA SER is an extremely handy SEO tool that specializes in building massive amounts of backlinks. Learning how to use GSA SER could provide amazing results in terms of page rankings, it is also fraught with danger and could get a site burnt permanently.

When using GSA Search Engine Ranker, it is crucial that you invest in a number of private, high-speed proxies, even though these might be relatively expensive. Proxies will enable you to use GSA SER to log into websites and set up new accounts to place backlinks from any engine you want to link from.

I have a background in marketing and I have been working with proxies for several years. I started this blog to share my knowledge about proxies and proxy tools.

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