Blazing SEO Review – Excellent HTTP, HTTPS & SOCKS Proxy Service

Blazing SEO Review
9.7Expert Score
Blazing SEO Review

Blazing SEO is a top proxy provider that offers various packages (including shared, dedicated, rotating) and excellent performance. Additionally, Blazing SEO is one of the few proxy services that offer a free trial. This Blazing SEO review presents the main features of the service as well as its main strengths and weaknesses.

Blazing SEO review in a nutshell

FeatureBlazing SEO Proxies
Proxy types HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS.
Proxy location USA, Germany, Brazil, UK, India, Canada, and Japan.
Proxy client Manual configuration, proxy bots or software, browser extensions, programmatically.
IP source Data center IPs.
IP rotation Yes.
IP replacement Once a month upon request.
Authentication IP based or username/password.
Bandwidth Unlimited bandwidth.
Speed & performance Good.
P2P/Torrent policy Allowed.
Usage restrictions Hacking, spamming, illegal activities.
Trial period Yes, 2 days.
Pricing From $0.5/proxy/month for shared proxies. From $2.5/proxy/month for dedicated proxies.
Payment methods Paypal, Credit cards via Stripe (upon request).
Moneyback & Refund policy It depends. No refund after the trial.
Support 24/7 email/ticketing & live chat support.
Control Panel Simple and effective. Proxy tester is available.
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Proxy types

Blazing SEO proxies are high anonymity proxies, using HTTP, HTTPS, or SOCKS protocols. The following types of packages are available.

Semi-dedicated proxies

Semi-dedicated proxies are shared between 3 users. They may be affected by the bad neighbor effect, but the prices are significantly lower. These shared proxies are not recommended for social media accounts.

Dedicated proxies

The proxies from the Dedicated packages use dedicated IP addresses, virgin IPs, multiple subnets, and they are elite proxies assigned only to one user. They are suitable for creating and managing social media accounts (e.g., for Instagram, for Facebook, for Twitter).

Rotating proxies

These offer access to a single IP address and multiple ports. Upon connecting to one of the ports, your traffic is automatically routed to a Blazing IP.

Sneaker proxies

The sneaker proxies are private servers optimized for coping sneakers from sneaker sites like Adidas, Nike, Supreme, Champs Sports, Yeezy, Footlocker, Eastbay. They can be used with sneaker bots like the AIO Bot.

Important! There is a zero refund policy for the sneaker packages and they are not guaranteed to work.

Shopify proxies

The Shopify servers are physically located in Chicago (USA) to provide excellent ping times to Shopify sites and offer a wide range of subnets to guarantee diversity.

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Proxy location

The Blazing SEO proxies are available in the following locations:

  • USA (semi-dedicated, dedicated, rotating)
  • Germany (semi-dedicated, dedicated, rotating)
  • Brazil (semi-dedicated, dedicated, rotating)
  • India (dedicated)
  • UK (dedicated)
  • Japan (dedicated)
  • Canada (dedicated)
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Proxy client

Blazing SEO can be used in various ways, similar to other HTTP and SOCKS proxies.

Manual configuration

The manual configuration of any browser or proxy-enabled application is easy to perform, and it is a good option when you don’t need to complete tasks that require automation.

All popular web browsers can route your Internet traffic through HTTP/HTTPS or SOCKS. Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to set up SOCKS on Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari (similarly, HTTP can be used). Additionally, HTTP proxies can be set up on iOS and Android devices.

Proxy browser extensions

For faster management of the settings, you may want to install a browser extension or addon. The one that I recommend is FoxyProxy that works for Firefox, as well as for Chrome.

Proxy software or bots

BlazingSEO is excellent as SEO proxies for creating social media accounts, scraping websites, buying online. Many such tasks need automation, and manual configuration is simply not an option. Here are several software applications and proxy bots that can be used with BlazingSEO:

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IP source

BlazingSEO uses data center IPs. Unlike residential IP addresses, data center IPs are more likely to be detected, blocked, or banned by websites and firewalls.

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IP rotation

Rotating proxies (aka backconnect proxies) are available and you may select the IP rotation interval for individual servers. Also, you may rotate the regular, non-rotating IPs using certain applications or browser extensions as explained here.

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IP replacement

IP replacement is available every 30 days upon request, and one free Blazing SEO proxy replacement, per item, per month.

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You may choose the authentication method: either IP based or user/pass authentication for most of the packages. Rotating and SOCKS proxies always use IP authentication.

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Blazing SEO offers unlimited bandwidth and unlimited threads. No restrictions!

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Speed & Performance

For this Blazing SEO review, I have used two packages: USA Rotating and USA Dedicated.

You may see below the speed test results. The provided speed was good and the speed loss was acceptable even when accessing long distanced proxy servers (e.g., Los Angeles).

Note: The speed test was performed in Europe, on a Windows machine using the Firefox browser.

Blazing SEO review - Speed test
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P2P / Torrent policy

Torrenting is allowed while using Blazing SEO. Thus you may use them as torrent proxies.

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Usage restrictions

Hacking, spamming, and all other illegal activities.

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Trial period

Blazing SEO LLC is one of the few proxy providers that offer a free trial. The trial is available for 2 days, but you need to verify your email address and your PayPal account.

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The Blazing SEO pricing model depends on location, type, and the number of purchased proxies:

  • Semi-dedicated server from $0.5/month.
  • Dedicated server (private proxies) from $2/month.
  • Rotating server from $2.20/month.
  • Sneaker from $1.5/month.
  • Shopify from $1.5/month.

The minimum quantity of an order is 5items. Check the available options, buy proxies, and get instant access to the proxies on the Blazing SEO website.

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Payment methods

You may pay using PayPal or credit cards via Stripe for orders larger than $50. PayPal is the default payment method, while Stripe is available upon request. No Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies are accepted.

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Moneyback & Refund policy

There is no refund after trial, for lack of usage or dissatisfaction with the provided services. However, if you believe you are entitled to a refund due to a special circumstance, you may submit a refund request to the customers support team.

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Blazing SEO team offers 24/7 email support and live chat. However, the live chat is, from time to time, AI-based (bot).

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Control Panel

BlazingSEO uses the standard Whmcs for client management and a custom interface for management. From the Dashboard, you may:

  • get access to your proxies;
  • set the rotation interval for rotating proxies (10 min, 20 min, …, 100 min);
  • export server list (IP address & port);
  • set the password;
  • set the authorization IPs;
  • request for the replacement and enable/disable auto-refresh;
  • request location changes.
  • get access to the API (the API offers access to the list of servers, and it can be used to request a refresh).
Blazing SEO - Client Area

Blazing SEO offers access to ProxyChecker applications for both Windows and Mac OS that you may use to test the provided proxies. Take a look at this video on how to use the ProxyChecker.

For more information regarding Blazing SEO proxies:

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9.7 Total Score
Excellent HTTP, HTTPS & SOCKS Proxy Service

Blazing SEO is a top proxy provider that offers various proxy packages (including shared, dedicated, rotating) and excellent performance.

Proxy Features and Quality
Customer Support
  • Free trial is available.
  • Shared, dedicated, and rotating proxies.
  • Specialized proxy packages (sneaker, Shopify).
  • HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS protocols supported.
  • Unlimited bandwidth and unlimited threads.
  • Proxy API available.
  • Limited refund policy.
  • Limited access to credit card payments.
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