My name is Chris, and I started this blog to share my knowledge about proxies and proxy tools. I have used them on a daily basis for the last five years.

My background

A few years back I got a job as a marketing assistant to a large company. For a while, I did some content research, primary article promotion, and basic SEO. My next move was a job in a smallĀ SEO company that was specializedĀ in “not so white hat” SEO techniques. It was the place where I first heard about proxies. It was something like that: “You have to create X Youtube accounts and here are the proxies you need to use.” I did as requested and then I started to read about proxies and trying to understand what are they, what is their functioning principle and how to use them properly. It was a fun time to find new things and apply them to my work.

Here are a few things that I did since then using proxies:

  • Posted (many) blog comments.
  • Posted on Craigslist from various US cities using Craigslist proxies.
  • Uploaded videos to YouTube from multiple accounts.
  • Create numerous social media accounts and promoted articles and web pages.
  • Changed my IP address to a US one to see CPA offers.
  • Checked keywords rank on different search engines using SEO tools.

My goals

From the moment I started this blog, I stated the following objectives:

  • To help those that, similar to me some time ago, have no idea what a proxy is.
  • To better understand the way proxies work.
  • To make an educated choice when it comes to proxy services and proxy type.
  • To build a comprehensive list of proxy tools that I can turn to when necessary.
  • To keep me up to date with the latest proxy news.

How is this blog structured?

The Hide-IP-Proxy blog tries to present the information as structured as possible. Articles are quite long, but, in my opinion, easy to read and understand. You should start from the main article on the Home page and then read the Knowledge Base. Here are (or will be) the sections of this blog:

  • Knowledge Base – “What is” articles that explain basic terms from the proxy vocabulary.
  • Tutorials – “How to” articles that present how proxies can be used for various purposes.
  • Proxy tools – A list of various proxy services, applications that use proxies, browser extensions, proxy lists, IP address check websites.
  • Reviews – Proxy services detailed reviews.

Do I need your feedback? Definitely, YES!

The information that I present on this blog is passed through my own filter. It is the way I understand proxies. For every article, I tried to read as much as possible, test some things on my own and explain things as better as I could. Of course, it is possible that I got some things wrong. That is why, your feedback is appreciated, and any corrections are welcome!

Feel free to get in touch with me using the Contact page.