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If you're looking to surf anonymously, you are at the right place. We are able to help you overcome the censorship and blockage on the Internet by using private proxies.

What is a private proxy?

A private proxy is a proxy that is used only by a limited number of users, thus providing higher speed and security. A proxy allows you to tunnel around your own Internet Provider and to access the Internet without logging your own IP Address. This way you are able to browse the internet without being traced.

What are the advantages of private proxies?

  • Private proxies are fast. If the proxy you are using is very slow (probably a free one) then you'll get fed up of using it and look for a private proxy.
  • Private proxies are safer.
  • Private proxies are more likely to help you bypass filters and firewalls. Most of the free proxies are black listed and will not help you much while browsing anonymously.

Hide-IP-Proxy.com services

We are offering a premium, very professional, yet cost effective, proxy service that will help you browse anonymously. We are continuing to refine and develop our services in response to our customers needs.

More details about the service you can read on the Network page. If you are planning to subscribe visit the Subscribe page.

Important! The private proxies we offer are managed by us so make sure you read the Terms of Use. You are not allowed to use the Service for any illegal purposes.